Thursday, October 7, 2010

Travis Ducote: Tailgater of the Week!!!

10.2.10 has come and gone, but we'd still like to recognize and extra special "Tailgater of the Week!!"

Travis Ducote gets the honor from the Third Row Reunion for manning the cast-iron pot with beans & gator, frying a shit load of wings and hushpuppies, dancing like a madman, and "getting some" in the back of the tiger-striped minivan. Last weekend, The King executed better than the entire LSU coaching staff.  We should all be proud.

Check out Travis with the white beans and alligator in this video:

Here he is manning the fryer during filming while everyone else is partying:

And of course, here is The King with some ladies (though the one in the 10.2.10 shirt in the background is the "lady friend" that joined him in the van!

Seriously, thanks to everyone who came out to the Third Row Reunion Tailgate Party on 10.2.10.  It most certainly did "all happen again!"

Oh, and let Jay Ducote know if you have any more pictures of Travis that I can put on here.


  1. Awesome video! Everything looks delicious and looks like you have the best tailgate around! Geaux Tigers!!!

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